Multimodal offer

A multimodal offer extended towards the main European markets

HAROPA port complex has intermodal connections providing the largest service as regards the selection of the cargo mode of transport, to and from the ports of the river Seine corridor.

River offer:

  • around 120 weekly river calls
  • 25 million Paris area consumers served (n°1 French consumer market and the 2nd biggest in Europe)
  • 500 km of waterways, owing to 50 terminals of HAROPA inland ports and partner ports. 

Rail offer:

  • With 10,000 trains per year to the hinterland of Le Havre, Rouen, Paris and beyond the Paris area
  • 100,000 containers and 5,000 ITU in railroad per year
  • Coming-on-stream of the multimodal terminal in 2016, connected to the main terminals.

Road offer

  • the fastest link to the main French and European markets
  • connection to the European highway and motorway netwo
  • fluidity of terminal access: truck appointment system and quality of road connections.

Cross-Channel offer

  • a ferry terminal situated at the entrance to Le Havre
  • services of daily liner shipping services bound for Portsmouth (less than 200 km away) : DFDS Seaways and Brittany Ferries.

Short-sea offer

  • A short-sea offer being an alternative to all-road transport or feeder transhipment.