The harbour Master’s Office in Le Havre

The harbour Master's office in Le Havre Port Authority (GPMH) is supported by total radar coverage of the approach area, channel and basins. It proposes a navigation aid service during channelling and provides via Internet information concerning ship calls:

Information for the general public :

    • lookup of project ship entries
    • lookup of projected port exits
    • lookup of the list of ships at berth
    • dynamic port display (‘VDP’ in French)
    • access to the list of future liner calls.
  • Information for professionals :

    • Look for a call
    • look up notices for users
    • question liner shipping companies 
    • obtain access to real swell data (SIMBAD)
    • look up local and national regulations
    • obtain access to memos and forms
    • look up official guidance documents
    • « documents and procedures » area allows access to customary regulations and legal procedures on HAROPA facilities. 
    • Available list of documents to be downloaded for import and export restrictions, dangerous goods, waste collectors, various forms, the port guide, notices for captains, etc.

Port rates

You can find all services of the harbour Master's office in Le Havre on:

Contact :
GPMH - Directions des Opérations
Service de la Capitainerie
Terre-plein de la barre
CS 81413
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