Eco-industries and recyclable products

HAROPA, a committed stakeholder, at the service of a high-potential sector

Waste recycling and recovery form a more and more diversified new circular and sustainable economy. Most recycling and material recovery trades benefit from HAROPA dedicated services or facilities specially designed for their needs: glass, plastics, oils, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, hazardous waste, household waste, bulky waste, construction debris, paper and cardboard, non-inert earths and timber.

River traffic, which is reliable and punctual, is particularly adapted to the logistics of the material recovery: it emits little noise and visual nuisance and the generated pollution accounts for less than 1% of the global CO2 emissions (51% for road haulage). HAROPA chose to increase the potential for river and fluvio-maritime waste logistics thus contributing to increase waste traffic on the river by more than 30%, and traffic is expected to double by around 2019. The transport capacity, in terms of volume and load, exceeds that of all other modes: an appropriate fleet can transport 300 to 5,000 tonnes in a single trip, 24/24.

A trade for the Seine corridor
The eco-industry logistics sector is very well established on the Seine corridor, with more than 1,500 facilities (25,000 wage-earners).
Among the activities of the sector:

  • hazardous waste collection
  • non-hazardous waste treatment and disposal 
  • sorted waste recovery

HAROPA: sustainable, eco-responsible assets
HAROPA combines all the major features needed to meet the requirements of the eco-industry sector:

  • top-level quality of service, attested to by certifications for quality (ISO 9001) and security (ISO 28000)
  • river logistics solutions from the heart of the leading French consumer market
  • a rich and varied multimodal offer with international connections
  • the establishment of industrial and logistics facilities dedicated to the sector directly on the HAROPA port areas of the Seine corridor
  • dedicated support by HAROPA experts who are specialists in the waste sector.

HAROPA focus: for UPM’s papers, the route is the waterway
Flows of old papers from UPM are carried by waterway to Grand-Couronne (Haute-Normandie – Upper Normandy) to be recycled in the company's factory. On the return trip, the 45' containers are loaded with new paper coils, destined for printing plants in the Paris region. The containerised river traffic system established by UPM between Grand-Couronne and the port of Gennevilliers reduces CO2 emissions by 81% compared with a 100% road transport solution.

HAROPA extensively contributes to environmental excellence
To find out more about HAROPA's environmental excellence, find the entire HAROPA environmental approach.


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