Speeding-up port transit

The HAROPA community, a pioneer in terms of added-value port data-processing, offers guarantees of fluidity, reliability, safety and security higher than the average of its main competitors. 

Several solutions contribute to the efficiency of the goods transit:

Port Single Window (PSW) S)ONE

The Port Single Window C)ONE, available in all sites of the HAROPA Seine artery, interconnects all professionals of port operations in a secure and high-performance way.


The tool of Computerised Processing of Hazardous Materials (TIMAD), steered by the Harbour Master’s Office, is dedicated to the Management of the flows of hazardous materials. It guarantees the tracking and traceability of hazardous materials, 24h/24, while offering simplified and free-of-charge administrative procedures.


The OPTIROUTE plan improves the conditions of reception and transit of heavy goods vehicles in the Le Havre port zone and its close hinterland. Its priorities are comfort and safety for truck drivers, the fluidity of road traffic as well as the security of goods and transport equipment.

The TAS is a web solution developed by SOGET with the port community dedicated to making appointments between road hauliers and terminal operators. It provides increased productivity, higher traffic fluidity in the port zone and an optimised transit of the cargo.


HAROPA helps you to get a great number of high-performance and competitive regulatory facilities especially owing to  the interconnection of the Customs and port professionals with S)ONE.